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Our Dedicated Marine Production Line

Here at Precision Dippings Manufacturing we love to celebrate and highlight our production work. Today we thought we would provide you with a little more insight about our dedicated marine production line.

A large part of our manufacturing services are dedicated to the marine industry including the production of dry suit seals. Due to this high demand we have introduced a dedicated marine production line. The line helps improve our production quality and capabilities allowing us to complete large orders of our seals to the highest standard.

The introduction of the line has increased the quantity without compromising the quality. We can also offer quicker estimated delivery times efficiently helping meet your marine based needs whatever they may be.

We work with all kinds of marine based clients including designers of marine apparel, the armed services and emergency and rescue services. They use our dry suit seals in a variety of different ways including to protect people involved in water sports, military and commercial activities around the world.

We specialise in standard latex rubber seals as well as heat weldable seals. The heat weldable seals feature a PU coating allowing the seals to be taped to the suit without the need for extra adhesive. The seals can also be sewn to the fabric through the coating. The sew holes and seal edges can then be covered by a heat seal tape.

We offer a range of different types of seals including but not limited to ankle seals, bicep seals, neck seals, socks and wrist seals. We also offer manchettes and hoods. For our full range please visit our website.

If you need something that we don’t already offer we are more than happy to make custom seals. You would just need to contact us with your ideas and we will be more than happy to work with you.


If you have a general enquiry about the products or services we provide just email them to us using our simple contact us form.

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